Lincoln Jr High School CLass Of 1986 Alumni Reunion Student pages
Kerri "Mush" Smith

Information from frineds that knew Kerri told me she Died on mothers
day 2006. I knew har as Mush, she lived right next to me in the
projects. I remember she and all us local kids playing kickball in the
back court. She was a good kid... she will be missed.
--- Stuart
Kerri AKA Mush, She was one of my best friends. It was only the day
before she died that I was on the Phone with her she will be greatly
missed. --Lois Cummisky
Kerry Smith AKA "Mush" suffered a major heart attack at the airport
from what I heard. She was either coming here to visit her family or
returning to Texas where she lived. Such a shame. Too young to die
-- Roberta (Bickford) Biscan

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