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Lester Baker
So what do we know about Lester... Well back in 2002 he ran a race in
Lexington came in 149th place, ( LESTER BAKER 145 M 29 LEXINGTON
MA 30:04 9:42
). Look like my boy Lester is working for the Police
Department in Lexington. Good Going Bro! If you see this hook us up
with an update and a recent photo. If you know Lester... send him our
Occupation: Police Offer
Other info I found about Lester:
Photo from page 25
(page 27)
Honor Guard
The Lexington Police Honor Guard was re-established this
September. Officer Lester Baker has worked tirelessly to organize,
equip, and lead the seven-member team. Representatives
of the Honor Guard will march in local area parades and attend
funerals and other special events.

(page 82)
"The Veterans Day Ceremonies
marked the first appearance of the Lexington Police Department
Honor Guard since their formation in 2000. The Honor Guard
appeared under the direction of Officer Lester Baker and is comprised
of seven men and woman officers of the Police
Department. The Town Celebrations Committee hopes they will
be able to appear at TCC events for many years to come."