Lincoln Jr High School CLass Of 1986 Alumni Reunion Student pages
Stuart Barlow
Status: Married 1991 going on 16 years this October 6th
Hometown: Sarasota Florida
Occupation: Awning Cleaning / Cartoonist / Illustrator / Writer
Hello LJH Class of 1986! I hope you enjoy my story and enjoy the
website. I did the site mainly because I felt I lost something when they
took the school down... For years I wanted to do something but did not
know what I could do. In November 2006 after finding photos I took of
the school during it demolision . I was inspired to writing the story that
of that day. Searching online I found a few old friends listed on a
reunion site. I got the idea that maybe i should do a LJH Site. Now it is
taking on it own life... It is be comeing a living history of our school
days. Some good and some bad but always true! I hope you enjoy it as
much as I have enjoyed putting it together. -Stuart Barlow